Humanitarian projects

I believe that everyone of us can help to make this world a better place.
This is why I created The Starwatcher: to use all the profits generated by making jewels in order to fundraise honest humanitarian and environmental causes.

I’m currently fundraising two different projects: the Refugee Connect Project in Amsterdam and Help Your Neighbor in Athens.

Help Your Neighbor (Athens)


Early 2016 I went to Athens on a vacation. I knew that there was an agreement between the EU and Turkey to stop refugees to come to Europe. What I didn’t know and I saw with my own eyes is that the agreement left thousands of refugees in Greece in an uncomfortable situation and without a place to stay. In the area of Piraeus Port itself I saw hundreds of Syrians, Iraqis and people from other nationalities living in the streets. Specially women and children.

One night I met a group of marvelous humans that spent their free time helping homeless people, drug addicts and refugee families that wandered around. I was so touch by how Felipe, Hassan and Maria with the help of some friends were focused on the most vulnerable ones.

That day I made a promise to myself: I wanted to help them and let them know that they are not alone in their cause. This is why The Starwatcher profits will be also send to their cause: Help Your Neighbor.

Refugee Connect Project (Amsterdam)

I started and initiative some months ago: to repair old laptops in order to give them a second life in the hands of a newcomer.

This laptop project started when I came across a Facebook group that puts in contact professionals with refugees that used to work in the same field.
For example: local architects with architects living in shelters as refugees, or artists, doctors, teachers, etc.

I met a Syrian graphic designer from Aleppo, a city that was bigger than Amsterdam or Barcelona. Thousands of people had to leave their homes in order to not be killed, raped or be forced to fight for something they didn’t want.

He arrived like so many others, in a boat from Turkey to Greece and he was living in a shelter. The government didn’t allow him to work while he was waiting to get a residence permit.

I saw his portfolio and I thought he had potential but he didn’t have a laptop to continue exercising his skills. This is when I started to look for old laptops and some good people helped me obtaining them. Then I spent some money trying to fix the computers, but since I’m not a rich man the project is not going as fast as I would like to.

Thanks for your support!


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